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Die career

Division mold

Was achieved by utilizing a range of facilities and work standardization and 3D CAD design rational process, high precision machining short time.

Consistently produced in-house mold shape a variety of products, we have a high reputation from our customers.


  1. To develop its own ⇒ CAD / CAM design system, realize the standard design of the mold.
  2. And working to promote the standardization of high-precision processing equipment ⇒ machining, mold making and to achieve reproducible.

Mold making policy

  1. The mass production molds.

    ・Production division of labor
    ・Guarantee the accuracy mold mold parts separately.

  2. To develop human resources to set a standard that the ideal can be realized.
  3. To achieve quality and quick delivery to standardize to thoroughly from design to finishing, stable.

Practical case


Fast MC

Horizontal MC

Precision WEDM

Equipment mold

Name Manufacturer Number of
Wire cutting machine Sodeikku 9
Wire cutting machine AGIE 1
Wire cutting machine ARD Taiwan 2
Wire cutting machine Taiwan Ching Hung 8
Machining Mori Seiki & Brother & Makino and Mitsubishi 5
Electric discharge machine Taiwan CHMER & Pioneer 3
Fine hole EDM machine Nakatani & Suzhou BMW 3
NC milling machine OKUMA 1
Milling machine Protection rich & Taiwan & Hitachi 4
NC grinding machine MEISTER 1
Grinder KENT & quasi-force & Zhuhai Wang disk 16
Grinder follow WAIDA 2
Ken jig America 1
Lathe Guangzhou 2
Radial drilling machine HONGCHANG 1
Sawing WEIJING 2