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AD Light

Poultry house management of a new generation starts from here

Would you like to reduce the running cost of the house in an environmentally friendly energy saving LED light bulb?

LED bulb has become a hot topic of energy efficiency in recent years and its excellent durability. The design has been optimized for high house needs to be turned a long time in applications where the number is AD Light. Power consumption, which is also the greatest feature of bulb LED, waterproof dustproof realize, of course, by affixed inside the bulb a special sheet clears the standard IP65, long life completely cover the needs of hard of industry poultry house I is designed to. Our product is manufactured in our own factory in China Japanese firms. I have realized JAPAN quality by strict quality control.

Long life and energy saving overwhelming surprise

To prevent dew condensation and dust and waterproof / We

(Clear standards IP65) realized / dustproof waterproof designed specifically for poultry house

AD Light was specifically for poultry house is designed as a top priority and durability. Tested assuming a variety of situations that may occur in a real house, we have met the standards as a function IP65 dustproof / waterproof.

To prevent dew condensation, uniquely designed

Condensation that would damage to the light-emitting circuit, LED light bulbs in the bulb is not a vacuum, it was a big problem Unlike incandescent bulb. Installing the vent to assume the condensation that can occur in the actual house, connecting the inside and outside light bulb in AD Light. Attaching a special seat in the vent, we have accomplished through condensation while maintaining a waterproof function.

Stepless dimming can be

The stepless dimming AD Light is designed to be possible. Dimming is possible I can use the same equipment that has been used until now. However, depending on the type of equipment dimming, some variation may appear.

We JAPAN Quality

We control quality by Japanese companies

AD Light are manufactured in our own factory in China of Japanese companies. High quality and low price, provide quality products JAPAN thorough quality control that is unique in Japanese companies.

Thorough compliance

AD Light is manufactured using LED elements that are legally recognized in the Japanese market. In addition, we also filed international patent and design registration for the shape on the production, because it is also produced by the system of thorough compliance, and can be used with confidence.