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Environmental Policy

Our company has obtained the quality system certification of ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949 and two environmental system ISO14001.

The basic philosophy of cleaner production to realize the "prevention of pollution" and "environmental protection", respond to customer satisfaction compliance with related laws and regulations, company aims earth-friendly Furthermore, ISO14001 Environment System, cost savings and energy savings We are promoting.


The quality policy "making things to do quality assurance in the manufacturing process", and strive to improve the stability and quality is always the philosophy of our customers, to provide high quality products, quality system ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949, the next step is customer satisfaction I will continue to respond to.


In an effort to spare no to as environmental philosophy of the Company, to improve the environmental status plant environmental protection, the prevention of pollution, to protect the future health and humanity, to establish environmental management organization, we make improvements to continue and.



  • 1.Compliance with relevant environmental legislation
  • 2.Implementing continuous improvement of environmental protection, prevention and reduction of environmental pollution.
  • 3.Perform reduction of waste, reduction of energy consumption, clean production activities.
  • 4.Strengthen the management of environmental toxins that have been defined.
  •  Committed to "not accept that you do not put out, do not use," the environment of certain hazardous substances specified Rohs.
  • 5.To improve the environmental awareness of all employees, enhance environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy conservation efforts.


ISO/TS16949:2009Sun Certification:2005.12 ISO9001:2008Sun Certification:2005.10