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7 days short delivery

7DM with it?

Seven Days Manufacture Progressive Dies (7DM)
If you have certain conditions in shape, size, material and thickness, we will send a sample of progressive dies on day 7. Realization (in the case of 2 units for 10 days) to shorten the lead time following thorough standardization of mold manufacturing processes.

Production lead time

Achieve short lead time following thorough standardization of the manufacturing process of each mold

Overview of the component being

Planning quantity 500,000
Processed material
Material width dimension

Four types 25/45/55/75

Specification mold

(250-350 mm long) sent 60 tons Order

Outline shape

Size of 70 * 25 mm in dimensions deployment

A typical press processing elements (non-shape is) possible

Height up to 8 mm bending

10 non-hole geometry and shape as the number of

(The figure on the right for reference)

The shape can be



Not for the shape

Crush the plate thickness Is not possible to tie the entire circumference is bent Programming to bend

Aperture shape

Height of more than 1.5t burring

Diaphragm instead of shaft

Bending bending stage on stage

Are bent into curved on the inside

Bending angle is in the interior

Examples of products

Computer parts

Bracket of car audio

Bracket of car audio

Portable audio parts

Video components

Video components


Video components


Example (mold parts)